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Welcome to the Package Deal

I entered a photo manipulation contest for fun, and the following is the result:


If you don't like social commentary, don't look at this. That said, however, because it's social commentary, it's also best not to take it too seriously, since the points I make are concentrated rather than explaining exceptions to each case.

"Aliteracy" is not a typo. It is a word that describes those who can read but refuse to do so.

"Passive contentedness" is something I've been thinking about lately, with the recent string of bizarre crimes due to boredom and lack of thought - crimes not done out of an excess of emotion such as anger or hatred, but almost arbitrarily. The way a person walking outside who finds a purse sitting around might just decide to pick it up and hide it instead of leaving it alone, handing it in, or even stealing it. He doesn't need it; he hides it just because. Or a teacher who is sued because he didn't notice a big orgy going on in his classroom. For these who are generally content but without substance, they get bored and need excitement in their lives as found in increasingly complicated special effects on TV and in movies that contain less content. They don't need to find out what's going on, so they don't.

It's the kid who spends hours with video games instead of books, who knows SimCity better than 'A Tale of Two Cities'. It's the businesspeople who subscribe to executive book summaries such as Soundview's eight-page pamphlets, which take simply written management books and make them even simpler.

- Linton Weeks (The Los Angeles Times - "Aliteracy: Read All About It...or Maybe Not")

Passive contentedness is a huge reason behind the current crisis of voter apathy. The funny thing is that people are so apathetic that they don't even know it's a crisis, and wouldn't care to know.

Then there are those of the intellectual world who put everything into boxes to sound intellectual, but don't know how to put it all back together again when they've finished analyzing the parts. They either ignore the context completely when tearing things apart, or twist the context so that everything is excusable.

A lot of the others are just bizarre things that I read here and there that really make you wonder what's happening.

Enjoy! I did not place in this contest, but this was fun in the making. I got to use the photographs I took of our old contracts and agreements with all the technical jargon and scramble them even more just because they wasted so much of my time to decipher! And then pictures of the city, of cars zooming by, of me, of TV's, though you probably can't spot most of these anymore. And yes, before anybody comments, I'm more of a writer than an artist, so I smothered the thing in words!

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