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"Le Matin"

This isn't the best photograph, but it's my most recent painting. It was also CK's belated Christmas present. Forgive its simplicity; I hadn't worked with oils for a whole seven years before this one! XD

The work-in-progress:

Unfinished Painting

It's a photograph of my unfinished painting. It's more conceptual than realistic, based off the idea of the morning chasing away the night, the sun chasing away the darkness, as surely as the Day comes, and He outlives and overpowers everything we could possibly face or imagine. I went through about twenty-something concepts and ideas and could not focus on a single one, so I finally simply put the brush to the canvas and toned it a light, warm yellow, and a concept emerged. It's different from my usual "darker" themes. It's as much a representative of my fresh start as anything else, and the idea is why there's such a stark contrast in the colours of the sky - I wanted life and vibrancy. I still need this layer to dry before I can add in more detail. To the left will be rows of trees, branches extending onward and tangled, reaching up into the sky (and disappearing into the light). I need to put more detail to the bricks on the path, a shape to the figure of the person, subtleties into the shading of the clouds, and so on, but this has been the most satisfying non-required work I've done in a while.

There is nothing like focusing so much thought into a piece of work because it's no longer about the artist; like my writing, there is a point at which the characters take off and no longer do your bidding - their personalities are set, and they are stubborn in their ways - and whatever glamour comes out of the piece of work is no longer solely the image of the creator. It's definitely not on me, as my hair is roughly pulled back, and I stare into my canvas in nothing but an oversized t-shirt, trying to figure out where the light source is in the image in order to properly turn this freshly laid "blob" of paint into something with depth. I have paint all over my fingers, shirt, and even on my face. My paint no longer stays in separate, neat, little sections of colour on the palette, and I have three or four brushes in my hands because I can't figure out what detail I want to do next. Do I want the filbert, the flat, the bright, the round, or the fan? And maybe I need a smudge of a brown and a bit of violet to mix into the yellow undertone of the cloud, and I'll add in some blue here so that it still shows the reflection of the sky! At the end of the day I soak my brushes and feel absolutely satisfied.

- Written 2005/01/04

Its evolution

I've finished my painting, but I have to get it back from him to take a picture of it. Then I have to wait another six months before it's dry enough to varnish; go figure. I scrapped the idea of trees on the left and decided instead to paint in the ocean and textured sand instead. It made the painting feel a lot less cluttered than my original plan. So many photographs and ideas were the inspiration for this painting - so many hopes and mixed up emotions through it, but overwhelmingly was the desire and even desperate need for God's light and clarity to come sweeping across the landscape of this dusty and cluttered mind.

- Written 2005/01/25

So this is the final product!

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