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Society - 2050

It is the year 2050, age of power, money, greed, and corruption. It seems there is little room left for humanity. It is as if all this advancement in technology has only served to make our lives more complicated than ever before.

Allow me to introduce myself, my name is Natasha Lopokova. Life is hard for a woman writer like myself. I am one of the last few of an almost-extinct species of writers. Society hates writing, and therefore writers too. They don't accept us, they treat us as if we were not human, they humiliate us, they do anything they can to stop us from writing. All because they are jealous. We are different from them, we can see the world in many ways, we understand things differently. We have the talent to make lifeless objects come to life, and this is a special talent they don't have, and can't have, because of the way they are. "Writing?" they asked, "How do you expect to make a living out of writing when no one even reads anymore?" How indeed? Nowadays, all the money is being made by big businesses competing with the 'latest' technology. I suppose that is what one must do to survive in this 'modern world'. Yet, this is my life, this is what I live for. I cannot change myself to be what others expect me to be. Why do they not realise that, what they invent to make life easier only becomes a burden? They train themselves to become ignorant and stupid because they are so dependent on the objects of their own creation; thus making themselves slaves to these machines. Yes, one may do whatever one wishes to, as long one is happy to do so and feels like it is worth it. Otherwise, why do something if one cannot enjoy it? Often a person, being na?ve as a child, will choose to do something he/she believes is right because of others' influence or his/her parents' pressure; but this is not necessarily what he/she really wants to do, or is destined to do. Very often, the price a person will have to pay, later in life, for this ignorance would be very high. Strange as it may seem, I enjoy doing what I do. It is a disease I caught as a child, this love of writing, and try as they may, society could do nothing to stop it. Literature is only one of the many art forms disappearing in this age. Many believe that, with all this technology, we have no need for literature. Some have even gone as far as to using the old-fashioned method of burning the books they find. "It goes against technology, our common purpose," they say. Doesn't that mean, what they're also saying is that with civilisation, they have no need for nature; with power or money, they have no need for humanity? On the subject of humanity, one would believe, that in this age of development, society would try to improve itself, correct? Yet it has not. Those who claim to be the 'modern man' still cling to old-fashioned concepts of racism and prejudice. "Men are civilisation, women are nature. Civilisation goes against nature." Although there is no pretty poetry to describe how women bloom and wilt like roses, the concept is still there. Man claims not to need nature, yet still turn to nature, and they do so to compensate for what they have missed during their quest for civilisation. To them, nature plays tricks, it tears down what they have built, what they live for. Man may be powerful now, but in the passage of time, all civilisation must crumble, and nature would be the ultimate survivor.

As for racism, the truth of it is in fact the opposite of what most would expect in this 'improving' world. For power, for money, for technology, the countries compete. Those who lose this race return home in utter disgrace, disgraced by other countries, by family and friends, and by fellow countrymen. After all the 'technology races' are over, one can always expect to hear a poor fellow on the streets, on electronic space-ways, in hover cars - anywhere - being taunted and humiliated to the point of wanting to commit suicide right there and then. Does this not, then, only encourage racism? Should we say that, in this case, racism is acceptable because they disgraced their country? And for what, you may ask? Why go through with this ordeal when it only creates more pain for humankind? For honor? Glory? Fame? What does all this mean? The answer may be more complicated than you would expect, so I will leave you to come up with it. I, being the author, am not meant to alter your perceptions, merely to inform you of what's going on.

The human mind is a very difficult thing to explain. Even with the science of our age, we still cannot explain it. It is what some people would call the 'soul' or 'spirit'. We know it is there, it forms opinions, commands us to do things; it is us. We wouldn't exist without a mind, a soul, or a spirit. The body would be like a plant - unthinking, unfeeling. The mind has its own natural instincts, it has feelings - pride, anger, hatred, love, jealousy, power, ambition, happiness - all things unexplainable in science. It is this pride that causes most of the problems. It is believed there are three states of the mind: the conscious, the subconscious, and the unconscious. It is this unconscious that commands people to spin wildly out of control and do unimaginable things. So, does society really have control?

It is unbelievable, the things people in this 'modern age' do. Of course, there are advances in the technology, the system, the government. For example, the police forces are in absolute control. They have a strict security system with highly trained police officers and androids. But what for? The only purpose for an almost-perfect police force is to tackle an almost-perfect criminal underground. Criminals equipped with laser guns, nuclear bombs, and the latest in deadly, destructive technology. I always wonder, if these weapons are so dangerous, why does man still continue to make them? Which also leads to another question - does technology really benefit man, or has it only served to rid us of all humanity? The government is very strong, it holds like a vice, no one can escape from it. Still, why then, if the government is so strong, so impeccable, and the laws so unbreakable; why is man still so corrupt? The laws can always be bent, the rules changed, people taken advantage of, disasters created, as long as there is a source of central power. I am not a rebel, in peace or war, I do not work for the underground and I do not believe in violence. I do not wish to overthrow the government, as that is rather impossible and useless. I can only wish that man could live freely with no one to judge him or her but themselves, and hope that their conscience is good enough to know what is right or wrong. Religion is non-existent in this thing we call society. Society ruled by stereotypes and laws for women's behavior being decided by men. You may call me a philosopher, a dreamer, a feminist, but this is the truth. One look tells me that society may be better off with religion, as it cultivates people to be peaceful, gentle and sinless. Although this might not be possible due to the nature of the human mind, it is still a good motivation for the improvement of society. Yet one must always understand that this is not an excuse to do bad things. One must always respect the fact that others may have other religions - that they must be good in some way or they would not have been accepted originally. I don't wish for a conflict based on a disagreement, like the one in the crusades many centuries ago. I am not saying that I'm perfect in any way and I do not expect civilisation to be. We must learn not to make excuses for themselves in order to grow. I am writing this to educate future generations about the society and the people. It might not have the most significant details about the development of civilisation or society. That is not the purpose of my writing. I only leave you with a question - has society changed at all? You may find after reading my writings, that I don't like the society, but that is of no matter. This I leave you to decide upon yourselves, in hopes that people will finally understand their mistakes, and create a new society that will last longer than all the rest. I hope that when this happens, the whole world can celebrate of the unity of all races, the final, true peace.