Tai Chi Straight Sword Love


Thoughts on the Night

I love the quiet of the night, its silence, when the world stops its turning and for a moment, I feel that all chaos ceases and the peacefulness is undisturbed. I like to use these moments to think, or sometimes, to not think at all and just explore the quiet emptiness

Why do they assume the night is a woman? What right do they have? But yes, they grip her by the shoulders and tell her, 'You are nature, and therefore a woman.' So I close my eyes and let the waves and the shadows carry me back to that from whence I came; it is where I belong, with the rest of my kind, embracing our judgment until we are nothing but bodies. Bodies - thrown one atop the other like piles of beautiful corpses they call art. Then I blink and answer, 'Yes, I love the night.'