Tai Chi Straight Sword Love


Without You

Here I stand,
Watching the beautiful sunset;
Throwing streaks of red and gold
Across the evening sky.

As I watch,
I think of old memories
You and I used to share;
I'll never forget them.

The times we had together,
Form a picture
Crystal clear in my mind;
'Happiness', it said.

How you loved the autumn;
Sitting on the porch,
Watching the leaves turn orange,
Rattling in the wind.

The way you talked,
Everything you touched,
Was like magic,
Making everything bright.

Like a dragon of silver,
Our love blossomed;
Nothing could have torn us apart,
Yet here I am alone.

In this log cabin by the sea,
The waves rolling in and out,
The seagulls screaming their sad songs,
Seem to be mourning with me.

Standing here,
I feel the silence in the air,
That seems to be whispering,
'You're gone, you're gone forever.'

Watching the beautiful sunset,
I think of the memories
And of that fateful day,
When you left me.