Tai Chi Straight Sword Love



I looked and knew you were there
You didn't; you were far away from me
So close
I could see you in my reflection
On the glass window - could kiss it
And when you didn't speak
When you couldn't speak
I could hear every word you didn't say
And I knew you were speaking to me
You spoke to me through me
And I am speaking to you now
And can you hear me?
You've always heard me
I smile
You're maybe smiling too
You'd smile when I speak to you through you
And my excitement
That was your excitement at seeing what you saw
Through my eyes
I knew
You told me
When I sang your words
I had smiled
That's how I knew
I'd not heard those words before
They were beautiful, thank you
The song you spoke for me
It seemed so natural
I was a part of you - not your heart
Your being
I had been created using you
The definition of me was yourself
And this?
What do we call this?
No don't say it
It didn't matter
It was already said -
You told me through me
I told you through you.