Tai Chi Straight Sword Love


Touching Water

There are times
- one of those rare hot summer days
in this little town on the hill
always shrouded in mist -
when I'm sitting on the couch
- one of those lazy-hazy days -
and my legs are sticky with sweat

There are times
- today my underused, dusty
television was actually being exercised
The static electricity generated of course only
attracting more of
those tiny particles

But the point being
There are times
today like again
- or like before -
when I heard the song again
It's a different one each time
but that tone
jumps from one tune to another
and the melody
- I remember you

There are times
- I saw the paper fall
with the gentlest
touch -
I could see you beautifully
landing upon the water
and imagine you floating
soaking it in until you

There are times
I remember you in the
bustle of the day
- you were beautiful under the glisten
and I didn't want to catch you -
and I turn around to see you
in the blinding reflection
off the skyscrapers and feel you
whisper in dust through my

There are times
- and emerging from the cave I
realise -
that ages pass without
my knowing when all I
see is the perfectly
antiquated past and the
long-faded imprint of your
index finger on my

There are times
when I can feel your every
thought falling in the
droplets of words on
my face -
spontaneous sprinkled kisses
in the heat of day

There are times
- even more it becomes difficult
to know which is the dream -
when the thought of
consumes me
so subtly assimilated into
the thought of the
day['s bustle]
when action and words and dream
meet in the centre just
so you are
when I have
not fallen into banality
and the stickiness of the hazy
-lazy days and the thin film of
memory over my skin does not
have me sunken into
the couch filled with
the television's static
and imagining all of the times
I remember you