Tai Chi Straight Sword Love



What do you see?
Isn't she beautiful?
Smiling all by herself.

She never speaks,
Yet you can hear her;
What of that?
Is it her eyes?
Or that pale face?

Wouldn't you like to know
What she knows,
To see what she sees,
To hear what she hears?

Look at her,
What do you see?

What about the pain?
The loneliness.
How she has suffered
Living alone.
Watching the cruelty of the world,
And us worthless creatures
Who would kill for stones...

How does she live,
With the hatred,
And the loneliness,
While her children die?

She is our mother,
Our guardian.
Forever silenced
And forever blinded
Because of us.

She alone is pure and true,
Sitting by herself
In the lonely night,
Who shares with her
Knowledge and experience
In hopes that one day
We'll learn.

We may look up at the sky,
And see her shining face,
But we'll never share her knowledge
Until we learn to love.