Tai Chi Straight Sword Love


Bring the Revival

(Inspired by The Vision and Ignite a Spiritual Revolution)

We are the revolutionaries:
Unknown to each other or the world,
Connected in Christ.

We share the Vision:
One of radicalism,
Not of our own interpretations
But by His will.

We answer the Calling:
Reaching out to the nations,
Not with empty words and blind faith
But with the wisdom and knowledge granted;
Wearing their clothes for communication.

We are not afraid:
Hiding not our cause nor our faces,
Breaking down organisational ties
And seeking from within;
Breaking down spiritual strongholds
Bringing our prayers wherever we go.

We are the lost and found generation:
Lost our fathers, mothers, friends, mentors,
Lost faith in people
Exposed to all temptations and vices;
Turning, directly above for help,
Carrying the Word and the church within us,
Crying to be found and willing to fight.

We have the equipment:
Armed with faith and prayer,
Reaching along established personal lines,
Building up networks around the globe;
Seeking the men of peace
To multiply the Kingdom,
Fighting not with weapons or against authority,
Using spiritual armor - waiting on the Word.

We neither deny,
Nor indulge in the physical.

We are...the Revival Generation.