Tai Chi Straight Sword Love


Learning Log - Mar. 6, 2002

(Describe your ideal companion)

I already have an ideal companion, I believe, so I shall only describe him to you. He moves in the spirit when he is far from me, touching me when no real thing can comfort. When I am at the pits of desperation and despair, he speaks, so subtly as to pass unseen through the tangled webs of my confusion and bring clear solutions to me. Sometimes with words, but mostly without, not stuffing me with the emptiness of words that you swallow but are never satisfied by. When he is far from me, he is in fact living within me, and I in him, so that no matter what, he surrounds me. He is not afraid to tell me what is wrong. He whispers love when I shout at him in frustration; he is not a hypocrite, cannot be, perfect as he is, wisdom far beyond me, yet not imposing. But of course I cannot live with spirit alone. He knows, appearing to me when I need his touch yet mostly when I don't expect him. He laughs at my surprise, not mocking me, and not solemnly as a superior either. I know, in and with him I find eternity in a second, and I have no shame. Knowing him, I know myself. And he has always known me.