Tai Chi Straight Sword Love


Learning Log - Mar. 13, 2002

(Give a detailed description of a TV series you would possibly make)

I think I would, if I were making a TV series, write on a sublimation of life into art. What I admire is Shakespeare's ability to write pieces that appeal to all divisions of society - in essence it is mass culture. What I find is that often what is considered "mass culture" nowadays only appeals to middle class people. This is why I want to use a modern example of Shakespeare, which is a sublimation of life into art. The essence of life appeals to all, while art is the area that will make the series' subject unique and higher-class than purely a description of life's troubles and/or scandals. Love, as it is a popular theme, will be in effect in my series, but it will not be a main theme. Conflict is necessary in every piece of drama/theatrical performance, so I believe it should be in a series as well. I would not want it to be too grand or clichéd, as I believe subtlety is much more effective, so I will include a conflict of human nature. The reason I don't want love to be a main theme is because people generally don't completely understand love, and as a series is very long, love tends to become stereotyped and the very superficial aspects drawn out too long. I think the main focus would be, instead a search for the past to discover the future. This would allow for the question of predestination vs. control of one's own future. This series would be based half in flashback and half in the present, as if there were two parallel storylines that respond to each other.