Tai Chi Straight Sword Love


Learning Log - Feb. 6, 2002

(The only truth in life is)

The only truth in life is, as I see it, knowledge that what is real may not be truth, events cannot be taken as philosophy upon which our morals, values, judgments are based. What is natural is very real, what exists, but cannot be said to be what is correct. For example, sex is real, as is desire, but that does not mean it is truth. One cannot indulge in the satisfaction of one's desires, whether sexual or otherwise, just because it is natural. Man prides in that man has knowledge and truth to elevate him above animals. Therefore knowledge and truth is civilisation, not natural, as animals. Truth is eternally existent, but also not always obvious. It is through the journey in search of truth that man can elevate himself. However, truth is also based in the world; if one goes in search of philosophies - life's concise "truths" - without weighing them down the way Milan Kundera's characters didn't, then these philosophies, without the weight of reality upon them, become no longer truths; characters who speak them only float away. In short, then, reality is not necessarily truth, but truth applies to reality. It is neither weighed down nor lightened, but rather transcendental, what is above that connects both reality and spirit/abstract.