Tai Chi Straight Sword Love


Learning Log - Feb. 13, 2002

(Valentine's day...What is it really about? Is it just a capitalist attempt to make money? Or is it something more)

I know the background of Valentine's Day is something noble, a priest who died a martyr because he believed in love. However, I think that most noble things nowadays remain noble only in name and history. The spirit of the modern age encourages progression, so many find it difficult to connect the present to the past. The spirit of capitalism encourages this as well, in that everybody can use any means to gain. In this way, many of the noble traditions are exploited and the appeal of the history loses its value. Everybody who runs businesses think of ways they can gain. Advertisements become like propaganda, convincing people to buy the most expensive gifts as if it would increase the value of love. There is, however, an exception to every rule, which is that one may choose not to participate in money-making schemes and celebrate with only love and time spent with loved ones. It is our own choice. Love is often found not in others' gifts but in themselves adn those whose lives we cheish and faith that we have.