Tai Chi Straight Sword Love


Varying Rhythms

(Written for Ms. Duncan's English 2 Honours class in my sophomore year of high school)

Ebb and flow, ebb and flow. Attraction and repulsion emanate from me. Somewhere within it I have my natural balance. I thrive on the contradicting consistencies that make me - my self, my habits, and my personality. On days when I am well with the world, I content myself with smoothing out the shores for those who walk with me. My heart pulses this rhythm of give and take. I complete the small tasks assigned to me and recede to the privacy of my waters, to be swallowed up into the many secrets within the shadows of my mind. An unseen force beats out soft rolling drumbeats, and with the night and the moon, I skip and soar, the soft swishes of movement creating the music for this dance. My liveliness pleases and encourages some - they dance with me; others challenge me enviously, and I become like an animal, no longer dancing - seething and hissing in fury, I rise and strike back. Although I enjoy the simple pattern of my being, I desire life. I know my freedoms, and rarely will I be seen smoothing the same shores twice. I have yet to find one that will keep me. Do not think, though, that I am a dreamer, though I have not found my shore, I know the nature of my dance. I will give and I will take; I do not feel shame for doing either. Do not look at my surface and call me shallow or gentle, for you know, you have yet to see the forceful towers of rage that can boil to my surface from the depths of my soul and come crashing down upon unsuspecting onlookers, dragging them back down to the unknown places from which I came. This is what I am. If I were to be any other, I would drown within myself. I am nature. I am beauty. I am death. Nobody upsets the balance.