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This site began back in 1996 with very little content and was hosted on Geocities. Back then it was named "Sparkle Zen." Since then it has grown and gone through many hosting services before finally resting at Eternal-Waves.com. This is the fifth version of Eternal Waves. Sometime in September of 2004 I decided it was time for a layout change and began developing many "skins" for the site. I finally decided to switch the entire site over to PHP so that visitors can choose the skin that they like. I will be continuously developing new skins and may remove the older ones at any time.

Featured on this site are my writing, photography, and art. I started out writing poetry, and as of today the majority of the content is still poetry. I hope to be expanding the other sections, but it will take time. The name, "Eternal Waves," was originally based off my search for something that is constant and eternal, but varying and flexible at the same time. I found that in art and finally in God, who is the beginning and end of all things. The idea first came to me when I was writing Varying Rhythms for a high school sophomore English class, and when I decided to remake my site into something more professional looking, this was the name I chose.

I appreciate suggestions and criticism but will not tolerate rude behaviour and ignorance. This is my site where I am free to express my thoughts and opinions. I enjoy discussions, however, and will respond to email if it is well-written and if I have the time. Don't start flame wars in my guestbook. Though to this point I haven't had to, I will delete inappropriate messages.